Brookfield Park Gardens Oamaru lavender
Brookfield is a Heritage New Zealand Category 2 listed property and private residence.

Designed by local architect Thomas Forrester for its original owner, John Campbell Gilchrist, who was also the 1st Mayor of Oamaru. Construction of the Brookfield was completed in late 1879.

In the 1960s, the residence underwent a conversion into a function hub, adding a supper room and an entertainment hall around two edges, leading to the creation of what was known as the Brookfield Reception Centre.

The Gilchrists remained connected to Brookfield until 1965.

However, the previous owners had neglected the property and garden, allowing them to fall into serious disrepair until Jennifer (JJ) Rendell purchased the property in 2003.

Although the restorative process was challenging, JJ had a clear concept in mind. Today, you can see her botanical wonderland, where nothing is out of bounds, and your imagination can run wild.
Brookfield Aerial shot
Brookfield Park Aerial
Image Source: Waitaki District Archive | Date Unknown
Brookfield Homestead 1986
Brookfield 1986 Image | Heritage New Zealand
Brookfield Park Gardens Oamaru Aerial 2020
Brookfield Park Aerial 2020
Brookfield Park Gardens Oamaru contemplation homestead
Brookfield 2024
Brookfield Park Gardens JJ buggy
Jennifer JJ Rendell